How many blog iterations is this now? 31 May 2013

[ New blog. Insert discussion about old blogs, lack of posts, desire to post more, etc. Ahem. Moving on. ]

I’m not really working on anything big right now (just random tinkering) so I have a bit more time than usual to sit and reflect. I’m not exactly sure what I should be reflecting on. I’m also not sure whether there’s anything useful for others to glean from my random thought processes these days; so we’ll see how this goes.

I’ll try to make this a bit more significant than my old blog posts tended to be. I dug through my old archives (always fun when you need to run four-year-old code to read your old blog posts; making Jekyll an interesting alternative with it being entirely source-controlled), and realized there was nothing worth porting over to this blog. Kind of sad really when my favourite post was the one with a picture of a hobo flipping the bird.

It’s always a bit sad when you look at old incarnations of yourself expressed through the things you’ve created. In retrospect, my old websites/blogs were embarrassingly awful. The design: just flat out bad. The usability: totally off. The content: laughable and naive. The code: even worse. At the time, they were about the best I could do, or at least the best I was willing to do with the time I allotted.

On the other hand, it’s humbling to see how your perspective on the world has changed and how you’ve improved (hopefully) as a human being. The world swirls around you and your opinions on your surrounding environment can change drastically in a very short time.

It’s been a crazy year and a half here in San Francisco. It certainly feels like I’ve been here for a lifetime. I’ve made a lot of friends. I’ve talked to a ton of amazing people. I’ve learned a lot about myself. Most importantly, I have learned a great deal about what it is that is truly important to me.

Maybe I’ll reminisce about some of it later.

In the meantime, let’s move on to our next adventure and see what else we can learn together.